Pectoral Implants

One of the characteristics of a strong, toned man is defined pectoral muscles. Some men are able to develop their pecs through exercise. For those who cannot achieve their desired results in the gym, Dr. Lacerna can place pectoral implants (pec implants) to enhance the size and shape of a flat or undefined male chest. Implants will increase the projection of the chest wall and make it look more muscular. Dr. Lacerna is pleased to offer pec implants to her patients throughout Sarasota, Bradenton and the Tampa Bay area.

Pectoral Implants For Men

Candidates for Pectoral Implants

Ideal candidates for pec implants are men in good physical and psychological health, who are unhappy with a flat chest and want a more muscular appearance. Candidates should not have any uncontrolled medical conditions that could affect the surgery or recovery period. They should also not smoke, or should plan to quit prior to surgery. In addition, candidates should have realistic goals of surgery and understand what surgery can and cannot fix.

Dr. Melinda Lacerna is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and is an experienced face and body contouring surgeon who has helped many men and women enhance their appearance and self-confidence through surgical and non-surgical treatments. For more information in how we can help you achieve the look you have always desired email or call us for a consult.

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