Dr. Lacerna is admired and respected by other plastic surgeons in the profession:

“It is rare for most surgeons to seek additional training for it is difficult to make time away from practice and to accept that other techniques can be both safe and improve patient outcomes. However change is inevitable and requires the investment of energy as well as the temporary abandonment of security.

Nonsurgical skin tightening is one of those elusive “holy grails”, which many of us have sought but been disappointed by either nonevents or worse, adverse events.

When I heard that Dr. Lacerna-Kimbrell was an advanced innovator of Renuvion, in conjunction with facial rejuvenation, I gladly made the time to visit.

I was not disappointed as she is a technically accomplished surgeon with an aesthetic sensibility which is balanced by vigorous scientific background. Furthermore, she is an excellent communicator, who comprehensively outlined indications, possible complications, proposed strategies to avoid these as well as shared protocols for routine post-op.

This visit afforded me ample opportunity to reflect where Renuvion may add additional value to my practice and this made it all worthwhile.”

- Dr. Lavinia Chong, Newport Beach, CA.

She is a national trainer and instructor for Renuvion technology for sub-dermal skin tightening and skin resurfacing, as well as the new Ellacor micro-coring technology. She enjoys teaching, sharing her knowledge and experience with other Plastic Surgeons.