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The DermalInfusion® Process


Dead skin cells, dirt, pollution, and make-up that accumulate on the skin’s surface can obstruct moisturizer absorption. This build-up creates an impermeable wall that moisturizers can’t get through. The result: your skin is under-hydrated and undernourished – and that moisturizer is just sitting uselessly on top of your skin.

Professionals know consistent, skin-plumping moisture comes from 3 sources: healthy collagen levels, proper exfoliation, and highly-active hydrating serums that deeply permeate the skin. DermalInfusion® treatments deliver the exfoliation and resurfacing skin needs for enhanced hydration benefits. The diamond treatment tips deep clean and clear away build-up. This professional resurfacing process also stimulates collagen production and reveals newer, fresher surface cells that are better equipped to drink in hydration benefits from serums like Ultra-Hydrating Pro-Infusion Serum.

An added plus: properly hydrated skin looks plumper, fuller and visibly relieves depth of fine lines and wrinkles.

Pore Clarifying

How could something as tiny as a pore trigger such a huge response in how we view skin? Whether you’re oily prone or aging, enlarged pores seem to be the barrier to the flawless look and smooth feeling we crave.

So, what causes pores to expand and appear bigger or wider? There are two factors at play, the first of which is oily skin. When skin overproduces oil, it’s more likely to trap makeup, dead skin cells, and debris that can cause blemishes. This excess debris (also called congestion) causes the pore to expand and stretch. Congestion in the pore can oxidize and cause the debris to darken. (Similar to how a cut apple exposed to air will darken with time. It’s important to note that blackheads are not dirt inside your pore, but the result of the oxidation process.

DermalInfusion®’s Pore Clarifying Pro-Infusion Serum is formulated with Salicylic Acid. This Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) helps exfoliate dead skin cells and neutralize debris inside impacted pores. It also helps facilitate smoother and clearer skin texture. When this powerful serum is paired with DermalInfusion®'s 3-in- 1 exfoliation, extraction, and infusion technology, you have a sensationally powerful weapon against pores – no matter how large they appear.

Skin Resurfacing

Customization starts with a professional’s training. Only a pro is trained to diagnose your skin based on your history, and how your skin looks and feels in that moment. And only a professional can provide treatment and home-care solutions that won’t make your skin issue worse.

We choose DermalInfusion®because it gives them infinite customization options. In addition to more precise diamond tip exfoliation, DermalInfusion® can be customized to use two serums in one treatment. That means if you’re like most people, you can treat your lines and wrinkles while taking on those dark spots. Or, you can unclog pores while drenching skin in essential, balancing hydration.

With a world of DIY devices offering “results that rival a dermatologist’s office,” it might seem like visiting a professional for treatments is passé. What they can offer, though, is a level of customization you can’t get from a “made for all” device.

Sun Spots

Being sun smart is the best way to keep dark spots away. But what can you do for the spots you already see? The right professional treatment can exfoliate dark spots away, and when paired with the correct products, can help visibly lessen their appearance.

Glycolic Acid & Retinol
Gylcolic Acid is an AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) that exfoliates the skin’s surface so effectively, it can visibly reduce the appearance of dark spots. Retinol has also been proven to help eliminate dark spots by accelerating exfoliation of the top layer of skin where dark spots reside.

Professional Resurfacing
The DermalInfusion® Skin Brightening Treatment uses recessed diamond-tip exfoliation to remove darker pigmented, older cells from the surface. This resurfacing process also creates a more even skin tone that looks more youthful and smooth. At the precise moment of exfoliation, DermalInfusion® infuses skin with condition-specific serum with the condition specific formula of the Skin Brightening Pro-Infusion Serum with Lumixyl to help reduce hyperpigmentation, sun damage, and dark spots for brighter-looking skin.

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Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels

Dr. Melinda Lacerna is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and is an experienced face and body contouring surgeon who has helped many men and women enhance their appearance and self-confidence through surgical and non-surgical treatments. For more information in how we can help you achieve the look you have always desired email or call us for a consult.

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