The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS)

The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic
Surgery (ISAPS) is the world’s leading professional body for board-certified aesthetic plastic surgeons with the mission to inspire and nurture Aesthetic Education Worldwide® for the safety of patients.

Dr. Lacerna has been invited to speak at this year's world congress event.

This is the premiere meeting of the leading Board Certified Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons in the world. Over a thousand attendees will fly to Cartagena this year from all over the world! The meeting is held yearly at a different international city. The world congress in Cartagena promises to be the most comprehensive and exciting international meeting this year, covering all the latest and best new techniques in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Dr. Lacerna is part of this year’s esteemed faculty. She was invited to deliver three keynote presentations, including her latest techniques in combining deep plasma resurfacing with facelifts, and the minimally invasive browlift technique that she pioneered in 2021.


Last year during this meeting in Athens, Dr. Lacerna won the gold medal for best face presentation entitled “No more ectropion: Lower eyelid rejuvenation with helium plasma resurfacing and fat grafting”.

Just another reason why Dr. Lacerna continually sets the standards in her field.