Smartlipo Laser

Smartlipo Laser: Liposuction

LA Plastic Surgery and Dermatology offers Smartlipo®, a technologically advanced laser–assisted liposuction device currently available on the market. A device made by Cynosure®, one of the leading laser companies in the country, Smartlipo® uses a diode laser to specifically target fat cells. Because of this specificity, there is less pain, bruising, swelling and downtime, as compared with traditional tumescent liposuction techniques.

In addition, there is improved skin retraction associated with the technique, as compared to more traditional techniques. Smartlipo® laser body sculpture can sculpt the body by removing unwanted fat from specific areas, including the abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, upper arms, chin, cheeks and neck

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Individual results may vary. Consult with our staff in choosing the best procedure that suits your needs.

The Best Candidates for Smartlipo in Sarasota

This may be safer alternative for older patients that may not be able to tolerate the downtime associated with a tummy tuck. Areas of the body with stretch marks may not retract well with this procedure. If you have stretch marks, an abdominoplasty may be a better option for you. And if you are a man with a lot of intra-abdominal fat, you may benefit from losing this area of stubborn fat first, which can be achieved with diet, exercise and adjunct hormonal therapy.

How Smartlipo Works

Dr. Lacerna utilizes SmartLipo Laser to melt the fat before it is removed, the procedure can be done under local anesthesia or under IV sedation at our own ambulatory surgery center. Most patients are back to work after a couple of days and back to the gym in a week.

In addition, the laser tip is small (1.5 mm), so the resultant scars from the procedure are barely visible (in contrast to traditional liposuction, where the incisions can be about an inch long). Coupled with diet, exercise and a healthy balanced lifestyle, the results from SmartLipo are often remarkable and long lasting.